Crafting Items

Westbound has a versatile item creation system that allows you to craft the items that you want. Learn Blacksmithing and create deadly blades or customized ammunition. Study Alchemy and brew magic potions and salves. Become a Spell Scribe and design runes with spectacular properties. Master Tinkering and transform the mundane into the fantastic.

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Spell Scribe




Spell Scribe




     This item spins wildly and
violently. With spinning barrels and blades, this augment can give a weapon multi-attack,
or it can be used to swap items in a quiver clip.

  Quick Spring
     This item springs into action, and can be used as a part action or independently without supervision.
   This could be used to make self-launching grappling hooks, switch activated lanterns on or off, or a pistol booby-trap.

    This item can now inject liquids into objects, and weapons augmented with injectors can inject liquids directly into enemies. They can also be used to administer potions, or to spray liquids at a target up to 10ft away.

     Gunsmiths can create custom firearms and bullets. Each Firearm is customized from its stock to its triggers, allowing gunsmiths to design a weapon for every distance and enemy.
  Creating custom bullets requires an Arcane Foundry, which dispels the Dust God's curse that keeps bullets magically sealed. Once opened, they can be reshaped for greater impact, increased distance, or filled with a deadly liquid.

     Weaponsmiths can create Melee Weapons and imbue them with various deadly properties. Each weapon you make is a Savage Weapon. A Basic Weapon Forge can create weapons with one property, and a Master’s Weapon Forge can create weapons with two properties.
   Creating weapons require metal and time. A basic weapon with no features takes 2 hours and 100 steel cents of materials, and additional properties can be crafted into the weapon for additional time and materials.
  Mythic Materials
     Crafting with rare and mythical materials is the mark of a master craftsman. Blacksmiths can craft guns, bullets, armor, equipment and weapons from rare materials, giving them the properties of the material.

Rare & Mythic Materials
   Dour Wood
   Swamp Feed


    A Spell Scribe, also known as a Runer, is able to write symbols of power which cause amazing magical effects. With a simple drawing of an emblem in ink or chalk, the Runer is able to create stable, permanent magical effects. These symbols are tremendously intricate with minute subtleties, but it’s the Runer’s art to draw them quickly and accurately.

   The symbols drawn by Spell Scribes are similar to those of a brand or trademark in that they are extremely rare, but lose their power when imitated. Symbols of power are most effective when they are the only one of their kind, and the more words of power of the same kind within a small vicinity will result in less powerful effects. Most words of power function best when 120ft or more away from each other. When within 120ft another word of power of the same kind, the item’s secondary effects activate instead. Many runes have different abilities for an increasing number of other runes in the area.
   Alchemists are able to craft extraordinary magical compounds, capable of replicating and even building upon existing magical spells. Alchemy takes simple and sometimes easily found substances and filters them through extraordinary and often difficult to acquire phenomenon to create potions, salves, and mixtures that resemble bottled magic.

  All alchemical recipes require Consumables and Keystones. Consumables are easily acquired materials, such as burnable material or blood. Keystones are generally hard to find, unpleasant to harvest, or rare exotic substances, such as the lungs of a fire-breathing creature or the heart of a humanoid creature. 

   Alchemical recipes do not require specific ingredients, but instead need ingredients that meet specific conditions. A Keystone that requires the lungs of a fire breathing creature can be gathered from a red dragon, or a hellhound, or simply a fire breathing goat.
    This rune will always try to return to its owner.

   This item will move towards its owner at least 30ft per round while within 1,000ft. It will take the straightest path, and can move up to 5lbs of weight out of the way.

    No effect.

Common Applications
  -Weapons which can be thrown and instantly return.

  -Grenades of enemies which return to their owner.

​  -Tracking the owner of an object.
 Foe Seeker
   This rune points towards its possessor’s closest enemy that within 1,000ft of them, and will direct the momentum of the object it is inscribed on towards that target.

    Automatically attempts to point towards nearest enemy to the holder, and removes a Sensory Complications if placed on a projectile.

    No effect.

Common Applications
  -Arrowheads that target hidden or invisible enemies.

  -Compass that points towards cloesest enemy.


  This rune is encased on a protective magic bubble.

  This rune creates a magical barrier, covering a 5ft square from all sides centered around the object. This barrier will stop people, objects, and attacks from entering, and provides cover. This rune will not stop water or air from entering or leaving. The barrier has one Base Foundation, and counts as a cohort. Once the Base Foundation is gone, the rune deactivates for one minute.

   This rune creates a magical barrier covering 5ft square from all sides centered around the object, and stops water and air from entering or leaving.

  No effect
 Dour Wood
    This dark brown bark looks ordinary, save for its blue shine while under moonlight. It is as light as wood but as strong as steel.

   Moon Altar

   1lb of Bark

   Must be brewed under the light of the full moon.

    The bark becomes Dour Wood.

Fresh Keystone
     The Dour Wood is weak and pliable for 24 hours before it becomes strong as iron.
    An interwoven web of grey strands that capture and catalogue stray and lost thoughts.

 Alchemical Tool
   Used in the creation of other alchemical recipies, such as the Slip Thought Candle.

  Two heads from the same creature.

   Used to catch dreams. Place above a sleeping creature to catch and condense their sleeping thoughts. Can also be used to defend against dream based attacks.
 Healing Drop
    The liquid is plain water with a glowing red bead that swims in the vial. When planted on the tongue, the bead seems to dissolve instantly into the body.

    A Humanoid Heart.

    A pint of blood.

   Heals a creature 1 wound instantly when consumed.

Watered Down
   The creature that consumes the drop discards 10c if they can.

Fresh Keystone
    Create an additional vial.
  Tinkers are practical problem solvers who can augment simple tools and make them more useful. They not only add complexity to the items capabilities, but also to the handling of the item, often adding triggers, power sources, and faults.
  When tinkering, you may choose an item and an augmentation. Draw randomly to determine a power source and the trigger, and the item gains those properties, as well as the "Sensitive" Fault.
  A tinker can decide to choose more augmentations, or to choose which power source or trigger the new device gains. For each extra augmentation or chosen trigger/power source, the item gains a fault. Draw randomly to determine the new fault and apply its properties to the schematic for the device.
   Blacksmiths are craftsmen and artisans, able to create items of utility and weapons of war. When a character takes the Blacksmith trait, they learn how to implant features into weapons, but must first master their implements of crafting.
  Blacksmiths learn to create and use the Anvil, Forge, and Foundry. By crafting one of these implements, you learn how to properly use them, and with time and proper materials can craft even greater implements of creation. As they progress in their trade, blacksmiths master not only steel but rare and unearthly metals as well.
   Metal Shapers use Anvils to shape armor and equipment for themselves and their allies. Weaponsmiths use Forges to create savage weapon of melee warfare. Gunsmiths use Foundries to create customized firearms and bullets.

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