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        An epic adventure awaits...  
   Westbound is the Tabletop Roleplaying Game of revolvers and rituals set in the fantasy wild west. Elf Cowboys and Ogre Spell-Slingers wander a vast western world while utilizing an intuitive D52 system for exploration and combat. 

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  Try Westbound right now for free with the Westbound Basic Ruleset. The Basic includes all rules and information needed to play. 

Free Basic Rules

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Character Sheet

Free PDF that comes with premade characters and an adventure.
Comes with everything you need for an epic western adventure.
Download and Print your character sheet.

Westbound Wednesdays

  We're hosting Westbound one-shots every Wednesday. Its a weekly game in a consistent world, where players can return with their characters every week, or play only once, or play once every other week.

We absolutely love new players and can teach the system as we play, although we recommend you read the "Welcome to Westbound" introduction in the Westbound Basic that will teach you the fundamentals. 

  Mics are generally required and we don't use cameras. We use Roll20 for maps, Playingcards.io for the playing cards, and Google Hangout for voice chat. The time we play is 6pm MST (7pm Central) and games typically last between 2-3 hours.

​  If interested, you can email us at [email protected], and tell us that you're interested, your experience with Westbound (if any), and if you've made your own character or would like to use a premade character.

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